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Distance (YYH - Kuwabara/Kurama - #4)

Title: Distance
Author: nightwalker
Pairing: Kuwabara/Kurama
Fandom: YYH
Theme: #4 - our distance and that person
Disclaimer: Togashi owns them, not me.
Warning: Implied character death

It was nice, all three of them getting together like this. They were well within the borders of Yuusuke's realm, where his presence was well enough known and strongly established, and even Hiei's presence would not be challenged – at least not as long as Yuusuke was their escort.

Maybe escort was too strong a word.

Yuusuke was a little drunk. Well, a little drunk for Yuusuke, which meant that enough alcohol had been consumed to kill ten large men. On most days, the mazoku was a spastic drunk, alcohol lowering his inhibitions enough that he was even more irrepressible and prone to random acts of irresponsibility than normal. On days like today, however, he was maudlin, becoming quieter and more withdrawn with every drink. When it was time to go Yuusuke would sleep for two days and then pretend none of it had ever happened. He did it every year.

Kurama didn't envy him his self-induced oblivion. It never seemed to help for very long.

Hiei stood at the edge of the cliff, watching the lightning flash and strike the ground miles away. Maybe he could see more than that, his eyesight was far greater than Kurama's human form, but he gave no sign of it. His body language said only that he was preparing to leave. He'd been there for nearly two days, and while Mukuro was patient with him on this day every year, he could only excuse himself from his responsibilities for so long.

That Hiei came at all meant a lot. Probably far more than the prideful demon would want them to acknowledge.

Kurama would have to leave as well, return to the human world and the responsibilities he still had there. His mother was older now, he didn't have much time left with her. When she passed, perhaps he would return to the Makai for good. Perhaps.

There was too much in the human world to lose. Too much that reminded him of death. Some days he could not walk through Tokyo with his eyes open, without seeing something that reminded him of a life that should have lasted so much longer.

It was good, the three of them being together like this.

But it had been better when they were four.

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